Looking at the Numbers

Christian denominations are seeing more and more empty pews; as a percent of population both membership and attendance is down and is continuing to go down. This trend started in the 1960’s and has not stopped. The question . . .  is, ‘how are the more liberal, socially acceptable churches doing as compared to the more conservative, less socially acceptable ones?’

Here is a link to the complete article on Social Acceptance & Membership.

2 thoughts on “Looking at the Numbers”

  1. We are having a difficult time as it is maintaining membership and attendance in our churches. Adding a homosexual Bishop is making the situation worse. Putting her in this position while the vote was still out was wrong. The voice, care, and concerns of the people of the church were disregarded. I don’t feel as though the church can wait until 2018 for other studies to be done. I’m concerned about its ability to survive. If the new bishop truly is who she says she is then why wouldn’t she respectfully resign her position and make this controversy go away ? This current added distraction is bringing no benefit to the churches or current congregations. Finally, how many others who are on the outside looking in who really need the benefits that the church can provide, are passing, due to all the negative light being shined on the Methodists. The church isn’t brick and mortar, it’s the people. The people who pay the bills. The people who deserve to be heard and counted. They are not to have policy shoved down there throats. This current behavior and management style of the Methodist organization, is causing immediate as well as long term harm to the church. Those in those high positions, were put there partially, because they could be trusted, to follow the laws of the church, and do what is right for the people. Would they have taken an oath? I for one, could not accept a position with a company, where I caused so much drama, and ultimately brought harm to the company.

    1. Your comments mirror an ever growing number of people within the Yellowstone Annual Conference. There are some people who favor the acceptance of the practice of homosexuality within the church abhor what happened (the election of a practicing homosexual bishop) and what it is doing to the church. I attended a meeting the other night where many people made emotional statements to the effect that not accepting homosexuality in the church was driving people away. Unfortunately, the numbers do not support that contention. Thank you for standing up and speaking out.

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