Liberal Churches Shedding Members

The Daily Inter Lake Newspaper in Kalispell MT, recently published an article by David Millard Haskell titled, Liberal Churches Shedding Members and Traditions. Here is a link to the complete article.

This article reinforces the data taken directly from the United Methodist Church website; the liberal jurisdictions experience more rapid membership losses as compared to the more conservative ones.

Liberal leadership and members within the United Methodist Church continue to state, ‘orthodox biblical interpretations are driving people away from the church’. Unfortunately their position is not confirmed by the official numbers from the UMC or any other denomination that has takes a social versus biblical perspective on the Bible.

Montana Wesleyan’s In The News

Billings GazetteThe Billings Gazette newspaper, in the Faith & Values section, published an article about the formation of the Montana Wesleyan Methodist organization.

The article  discussed reasons for the groups formation, highlights from the first meeting held in November, and information about the next meeting in January.

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Theology versus Church Growth

Rev. Thomas Lambrecht, from the Good News organization, wrote a very interesting article titled Study Demonstrates Connection Between Theology and Church Growth.

Based on the 5 year study cited by Rev. Lambrecht, ‘conservative theological positioning of clergy and attendees is a significant predictor of church growth.’

The information contained in the article offers one explanation as to why liberal mainline denominations are in decline and orthodox evangelical churches are experiencing growth.

Click here to read the complete article.

Response to the Wisconsin Conference


The Wisconsin Association of Confessing Ministry has issued a response to the Wisconsin UMC Conference because, ‘they apparently intend to join a handful of other declining, theologically secularized annual conferences in disregarding United Methodist standards forbidding the approval for ordination of candidates unwilling to abstain from sexual relations outside of monogamous, heterosexual marriage.’ 

To read the full response, click here.