Liberal Churches Shedding Members

The Daily Inter Lake Newspaper in Kalispell MT, recently published an article by David Millard Haskell titled, Liberal Churches Shedding Members and Traditions. Here is a link to the complete article.

This article reinforces the data taken directly from the United Methodist Church website; the liberal jurisdictions experience more rapid membership losses as compared to the more conservative ones.

Liberal leadership and members within the United Methodist Church¬†continue to state, ‘orthodox biblical interpretations are driving people away from the church’. Unfortunately their position is not confirmed by the official numbers from the UMC or any other denomination that has takes a social versus biblical perspective on the Bible.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Churches Shedding Members”

  1. As member of the evangelical Methodist church in Billings Montana I am saddened by the latest election of a gay bishop she is married which goes against the by laws. Have been to 3 meetings left feeling sick I love my church the people in it and the pastor, but don’t know how long I can go to a church that isn’t following the bible.

    1. Marilyn, many people, such as yourself, are agonizing about, and often leaving, the UMC over this issue. It is unfortunate that leaders and members choosing to accept and promote socially acceptable interpretations of Scripture don’t have the courage to leave the UMC and start their own ‘church’. Rather, they seem quite willing to drive away those members who faithfully believe in orthodox interpretations of Scripture which is the basis for the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline’s statements on the issue.

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