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Pastor Glen, in a reply to a Good News article, wrote, ‘. . . it appears that the denomination is unwilling to deal with heresy. The writers of scripture did not call those promoting heresy and immorality, “progressive brothers and sisters” with whom we must dialog. They called them false teachers who must be exposed and eliminated from the church!’ How accurate he is.

Here are several article that are very interesting; click on the link to read more:

untitled-1Reports from multiple congregations indicate that membership and financial contributions have decreased since the election (of Karen Oliveto), placing some in a precarious position.

good-newsDithering UM Leadership in the West:  The Western Jurisdiction College of Bishops owes the church laity some report on the status of the complaints filed against her.

untitled-1Biship Oliveto declared her judgment that these few orthodox congregations (that did not embrace her) were not legitimately United Methodist . . . and really haven’t been United Methodist in a really long time.

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  1. Its a sad time for EUM. the new bishop needs to quietly resign and let us heal before it is to late .. I think she has not read her bible she is going against Gods rules soo Bishop Oliveto pleas leave us

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