Ruling On Gay Bishop Could Be Far Reaching

United Methodist News writer Heather Hahn details how the latest Judicial Council ruling will have far reaching effects beyond the homosexual bishop currently serving the Mountain Sky Area of the Western Jurisdiction. Click here to read Heather’s complete article.

The Reverend Keith Boyette, president of the Wesleyan Covenant Association and the lawyer that spoke to the Judicial Council during their recent session, provides further insight into the meaning of the recent Judicial Council ruling.  To quote Rev. Boyette, ‘. . . a cloud covers her episcopacy and the cavalier way in which she was nominated by her annual conference, elected by the Western Jurisdictional Conference, consecrated by her fellow bishops and assigned by the jurisdiction’s committee on episcopacy.  The manner in which these bodies have dealt with the requirements of The Book of Discipline has caused great harm to the church.’ Click here to read Rev. Boyette’s complete article.

Following the recent rulings from the Judicial Council, the ruling related to the nomination, election, and consecration of a homosexual bishop has taken front page. There were several other significant rulings issued which affirm the Book of Discipline‘s place within the church. Walter Fenton and Thomas Lambrecht write about these other rulings. Click here to read their complete articles.

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